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  • Mark Swash

    Eliminate guess work and bias in recruiting and allow science to compliment and confirm your intuition using scientifically proven selection and screening methods 

    Recruitment is an industry that needs to be given a new lease of life and a new found commitment for excellence on all fronts.
    Instilling the confidence back into clients and candidates is our key focus, practicing what you preach is not just for short term gains, consistency in excellence for both candidates and clients is our paramount focus.

    Recruitment should not be about turnover and quantity, of course these elements are important to any business for growth and development, however, the key element for our business is our passion for people, our passion to develop and grow individuals and the business they work for.

    We commit to our clients and our candidates throughout the recruitment process and beyond, we invest not only our time and effort to finding the best fit for any role, we also invest financially towards EVERY candidate that is successful in gaining employment and actively assist in the growth and development of candidate and client alike.

Job Opportunities

  • Master Technician (Land Rover)



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  • Procurement Manager

    Welwyn Garden City


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  • Transport Shift Manager (Nights)



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  • Import Operator



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  • Transport Support Coordinator


    £20,000 - £28,000

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    Experience years: 20+


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